michael-around-3When I was a young boy growing up in the UK, there was no such thing as television. My first experience of it was in 1952 watching the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  I was 8. We were the first in our street with a TV, (black & white in those days). I’d never heard of computers and I was in my 40’s before the first PCs became available …. with a hefty price tag! So you can imagine the steepness of the learning curve of someone who remembers life before TV trying to keep up with developments. My 8 and 5 year old grandchildren, on the other hand, seem to have been born with a mouse in hand.
But there is one thing us baby boomers and aging hippies have going for us. The idea, however dormant  that we don’t want to conform with conventional post industrial revolution square society. We rebelled against it, remember? Most of us conformed eventually, of course, just so that we could eat and raise a family, but in our souls, we just wanna be free man!

Now today an opportunity has presented itself that can enable us to dust of those sixties dreams, grow long hair, buy a lava lampphoto036

and live a life of hippie freedom ….. oh .. err … man.
I refer, of course, to the internet. Invented by hippie nerds and developed to its current incarnation by the hippies’ children and grandchildren. Little know-it-alls. Just because they grew in the computer age!

‘So come on people now, let’s get together’ use the technology to drop out and make money at the same time. Possibly lots of it. Let’s face it even if your employer hasn’t stolen the superannuation money there is still not going to be enough to live on!

So how does it work? you ask.

Well, the ways you can make money on the internet are only limited by your imagination, but basically you are going to sell your own product or information, sell someone else’s product or information or use your websites as advertising hoardings.
Personally I prefer to sell someone else’s product for a commission. That way I haven’t got to worry about warehousing, inventory, post & packing, getting paid or dissatisfied customers. You can also use it as an advertising hoarding at the same time.
Here is a pretty good training course on selling other people’s stuff. It costs $US27 a month for an 11 month course, but if you are starting from scratch it’s a good way to learn and it’s pretty cheap.

Of course having a spiffy website and a great product to sell is only a part of the story. You’ll need people to find your website and click on the link to buy the product. In my opinion, the best method of doing that is offered by a company called Social Media Science. They even have a website construction service.Wait Till The Kids Get A Load Of This!

Now, you can have as many websites and products to sell as you like. Your only limit is time.

So, get to it baby booming hippies, let’s create a baby boomer lead recovery!
At the same time we can make lots of money, live outrageously and embarrass the children.

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