Affiliate programs are one of the best programs that can bring you income in thousands of dollars per week. For an affiliate program you do not need any business setup or investment. You can start right away from the comforts of your home with a computer and an internet connection. You also need to have some basic skills of internet and marketing to start an affiliate program. The commission that you get is usually dependent on your performance. You can be paid through pay per click, pay per lead or pay per sale. Let us now look at some of the most popular and the best affiliate programs on the internet.

If you search on the internet for different types of affiliate programs you are sure to find more than a hundred results. This is because the list of the best affiliate programs is ever growing day by day as newer programs are introduced. You can join any of the affiliate programs mentioned below. is a very nice affiliate program. All you have to do in this program is use the 200 off website templates of the programs and you are paid commission for that. There is also the PokerAffiliate program where you get paid for getting customers interested in playing poker on the site. Poker has today one of the most popular card games on the internet where people from all over the world can play simultaneously with each other. The next best affiliate program is Forex Affiliate program. In this program you get commission for referring members to the Forex site. When the customer trades in dollars on the Forex site you are paid a percentage of commission.

There are also casino on the net sites where people can play casino online from the comforts of their home. When you refer people to casino sites and when the play games betting their amounts, you get a certain percentage of the commission. So it all depends on your capability to market the company’s products and services. The more customers you pull to the company’s website and the more sales you help the company make the more commission you earn. Also most of the affiliate sites have referral systems where you get commission when the referrals under you also get in business for the company and hence earn commission. So what are you waiting for? Join any of the best affiliate programs right away and see you income rise steadily.

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