If you happen to search on the internet for affiliate networks, you are sure to find hundreds of matches. In fact affiliate networks like Darkblue.com and Incentaclick.com are one of the most popular affiliate networks preferred by people today. So what is an affiliate network? An affiliate network is a network of different affiliate programs in one site. Hence it proves to be a one shop stop for those people who want earn money from different sources. In order to join an affiliate network you have to first be registered with it. Registration in most cases is completely free.

Also joining an affiliate network becoming an affiliate does not take much time and investment. Any person, no matter in which part of the world he is can join one of the thousands of affiliate networks found on the internet today. Being an affiliate of a network involves marketing the goods and services of the various companies and then earning commission depending on your performance. Commission normally depends on pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale strategies. In the case of pay per click affiliate program, you get paid for every click that a client makes and is directed to the company’s website. in the case of pay per lead, you get commission whenever a customer becomes interested in the product or service and inquires about it. in the case of pay per sale, you get commission whenever a sale is affected.

As mentioned before, an affiliate network can be joined by anyone. So even if you are a housewife who has some free time in her hands or a college going teen who wants to earn that extra amount of cash or a retired professional who wants to earn some extra passive residual income, an affiliate network is the right choice. You can join as many affiliate programs on a affiliate network as you want. Hence you can get your income from different sources. Also most of the affiliate programs are referrals based where you get paid commission even when the referrals under you perform for the company.

An affiliate network also contains comprehensive affiliate tips for novices who have joined the network. Also an affiliate network contains a fully searchable directory of affiliates and hence you have a lot of choices in your hands as to the types of affiliate companies you want to join.

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